Access Platforms

RollAStep’s access platforms improve your employees’ productivity, comfortability and most importantly, safety.


MP Series Access Platform

Using the MP Series’ generous workspace, your technicians will perform maintenance tasks faster and safer than ever before. This highly stable work platform features removable handrails, which allow access to hard-to-reach areas. Our products are constructed using advanced laser technology, yielding optimal strength and stability. This process also reduces a multitude of unnecessary and costly welds. Every RollAStep model features a full size 45° stair stringer, powder coated handrails, standard depth and width steps. The MP Series is available in sizes ranging from 2-7 steps.





RollAStep Tilt and Roll PlatformTR Series Access Platform and Stairs

RollAStep’s TR Series unit is ideal for single users with big projects. With a lightweight aluminum frame, and unique side-rolling casters, this unit traverses the workplace effortlessly. The platform stretches to lengths of 2’ by 3’, easily capable of handling a technician and his equipment, with room to spare. Along with all RollAStep products, the TR Series incorporates a non-slip, self-draining tread pattern, and powder coated handrails. This unit is available in sizes ranging from 1-5 steps, accommodating jobs of all sizes.





self leveling rolling platformG Series Self-Leveling Access Platform

In the event that you require elevated maintenance access in uneven terrain, we’ve got a unit that will take care of your needs. The G Series, by RollAStep, is a single user, self-leveling work platform. With over 6 square feet of workspace, this unit can comfortably carry a technician and his equipment. Gas springs and a locking pin mechanism allow users to effortlessly reposition the platform with only minimal downward or upward pressure. Both the platform and stairs feature our unyielding and self-draining tread to prevent ice or water buildup. In addition, our galvanized stainless steel base makes this unit highly resistant to weather damage.





RollAStep Cantilever Access PlatformC Series Cantilever Access Platform

The C Series is the perfect unit for any maintenance project requiring overhead access, including but not limited to, tanks, shelving units, railcars, and storage containers. The work platform extends nearly 2.5 feet past the base of the unit, providing ample space to access your project. The lightweight, aluminum frame, and 360-degree swiveling wheels allow single users to easily, and precisely relocate the unit. With all-weather slip-resistant tread, and full 2” diameter handrails, your technicians can operate the unit free from slips and falls. This unit is available in sizes ranging from 8 to 12 feet, capable of performing a variety of applications.


Remember, all of our units are entirely customizable, so we can work around any complex workspaces. For more information about our access platforms, contact our experienced team of customer service representatives at 1 (888) 878-1839.

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Designed for Work, Built for Safety
RollaStep® rolling stairs and mobile work platforms vary based on your application. They’re easily customized for added operational efficiency in manufacturing plants or improved workplace safety in aviation maintenance. Four pre-engineered industrial models minimize physical exertion and risk of injury. Workers gain safe access and fall protection plus greater productivity. If your elevated workspace is more complex, let us fabricate custom mobile platforms and stairs. All RollaStep mobile stairs and platforms are easy to maneuver and sturdy to help you get the job done easier, faster and safer. Contact us today for a free safety and efficiency audit.