RollAStep Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

platform for aircraft maintenance


Perform Aircraft Maintense Safer and More Effectiently with RollAStep

RollAStep’s Aircraft Maintenance Platforms create the optimal work environment for aviation maintenance by integrating mobility, stability, and adaptability. Stretching to lengths of 9’ by 3’, these platforms comfortably accommodate multiple technicians and their equipment, maximizing work efficiency.

Our aviation platforms feature powder coated removable handrails, 45-degree rise stair stringers, and standard height-width steps, adhering to all OSHA technical specifications for mobile work platforms. We’ve also incorporated our aggressive, self-draining tread into the platform and stairs to prevent ice buildup and falls.

aircraft accessibilityThe configurability of our aviation stands allows operators to easily navigate around any protruding area of an aircraft. With the option to remove one, or multiple handrails at a time, technicians can access obstacles of any size while maintaining close proximity. Our lightweight aluminum framing enables single users to comfortably transfer their workspace to different locations. The 360-degree swiveling casters allow each unit to be relocated effortlessly, and with precision. Each caster comes with flat proof wheels and locking mechanisms to provide ultimate stability. The MP series mobile work platform is available in six models ranging from two steps to seven steps, accommodating aircrafts of all sizes.

Contact our experienced customer service team at 1-888-878-1839 for more information. We’ll take care of the entire buying process, from designing to ordering. Simply measure the length and width of the workspace required and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Designed for Work, Built for Safety
RollaStep® rolling stairs and mobile work platforms vary based on your application. They’re easily customized for added operational efficiency in manufacturing plants or improved workplace safety in aviation maintenance. Four pre-engineered industrial models minimize physical exertion and risk of injury. Workers gain safe access and fall protection plus greater productivity. If your elevated workspace is more complex, let us fabricate custom mobile platforms and stairs. All RollaStep mobile stairs and platforms are easy to maneuver and sturdy to help you get the job done easier, faster and safer. Contact us today for a free safety and efficiency audit.