Rolling Platform Ladder Systems from RollAStep

RollAStep’s MP Series, TR Series, and G Series rolling platform systems deliver a durable and safe ladder while maintaining mobility.

MP Series Rolling Platform Ladder

With 27 square feet of workspace, the MP Series Rolling Platform Ladder Systems can comfortably accommodate multiple technicians along with their tools and equipment. This model offers excellent stability, coupled with unmatched portability. The MP Series has a lightweight aluminum build, and is fashioned with 360° swiveling, locking casters. This provides unparalleled maneuverability and effortless pinpoint positioning. The platform and stairs integrate our self-draining tread, which reduces ice buildup and insures maximum safety. View our MP Series Mobile Work Platform



RollAStep Tilt and Roll PlatformTR Series Tilt and Roll Platforms

The TR Series platform ladder was designed to get the job done comfortably and safely. This Tilt and Roll has a lightweight aluminum chasse fashioned with unique side rolling casters, delivering effortless mobility. With a platform that reaches 3 feet in length, and 2 feet in width, this unit provides ample workspace to reach those hard-to-access maintenance points. Along with generous working space, this unit features a self-draining tread on its stairs and platform. Each TR Series is available in sizes ranging from 1-5 steps, capable of handling jobs of any size. Click here for more information about our Tilt and Roll Platform LadderClick here for more information about our Tilt and Roll Platform Ladder




Self leveling maintenance access platformG Series Mobile Self Leveling Rolling Stair and Work Platform

The stability provided by our G Series Mobile Self-Leveling Rolling ladder and platform is without match. This self-leveling industrial rolling platform ladder system allows operators to work in more rugged terrains, whether inside or out. Along with self-leveling capabilities, this unit is easily adjustable to any height. Simply remove a single locking pin, and watch as our gas propelled springs provide an effortless and fluid rising and locking action. Constructed with a high-quality, galvanized steel base, this unit is made to survive both indoor and outdoor conditions. As with all our products, this unit adheres to health and safety requirements, mandated by OSHA. Learn about our G Series Self-Leveling Work Platform



RollAStep Cantilever Access Platform

C Series Cantilever Rolling Stairs

The RollAStep C Series cantilever rolling platform ladder system provides overhead maintenance access to operators in countless industries. With a platform that reaches 2’5” (736.6mm) beyond the base of the chassis, technicians are placed within unparalleled proximity to accomplish their tasks. Fastened to a large steel base, this is a highly safe and stable platform. Each C Series platform ladder features our no-flat, 360° swiveling tires, along a lightweight aluminum frame. This allows each unit to easily be placed into precise locations. View our C Series Rolling Platform Ladder



Maneuverability is paramount for all RollAStep mobile access products. Each of our platform ladders, rolling stairs, and versatile adjustable platforms are designed for safety, versatility, and mobility. For more complex elevated workspaces, RollAStep can fabricate a custom mobile versatile work platform. Learn More

For more information about our access platforms, contact our experienced team of customer service representatives at 1 (888) 878-1839.

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Designed for Work, Built for Safety
RollaStep® rolling stairs and mobile work platforms vary based on your application. They’re easily customized for added operational efficiency in manufacturing plants or improved workplace safety in aviation maintenance. Four pre-engineered industrial models minimize physical exertion and risk of injury. Workers gain safe access and fall protection plus greater productivity. If your elevated workspace is more complex, let us fabricate custom mobile platforms and stairs. All RollaStep mobile stairs and platforms are easy to maneuver and sturdy to help you get the job done easier, faster and safer. Contact us today for a free safety and efficiency audit.