Maintenance Platforms

Increase productivity and improve safety with RollAStep’s custom maintenance platforms.


MP Series Maintenance Platform

RollAStep’s MP Series Maintenance Platform is perfect for maintenance projects requiring ample operating room. With a work area of 27 square feet, this unit can comfortably support a team of technicians, along with their parts and equipment. The lightweight aluminum build of the MP Series, coupled with 360° swiveling casters allow the unit to be accurately stationed for optimal maintenance access. This unit features optional removable handrails, providing maximum workspace and configurability.





RollAStep Tilt and Roll PlatformTR Series Tilt and Roll Maintenance Platform

For the single user requiring easy access to elevated work areas, the TR series is just what you’re looking for. By incorporating a lightweight aluminum build and unique side-rolling casters, we’ve created the perfect combination of strength and mobility. This unit is highly secure, featuring OSHA approved powder coated handrails, nonslip tread, and a full toe board. With a work platform of over 6 square feet, this unit provides more than enough workspace for a technician and his equipment. The TR Series is available in sizes ranging from 1-5 steps, accommodating projects of all sizes.




Self leveling maintenance access platformG Series Self-Leveling Maintenance Platform

The G Series by RollAStep provides a stable and level workspace in the most rugged environments. The 6 square foot platform and 24” inch wide steps are self-leveling, producing a safe work surface at any height. Gas assisted springs and a simple locking pin system allow this unit to easily adjust to heights specific to your need. Our 360° swiveling casters and flat-proof tires provide effortless mobility both indoors and out. With stainless steel hardware and self-draining tread, this unit will endure the most difficult climates.





RollAStep Cantilever Access PlatformC Series Cantilever Maintenance Platform

RollAStep’s C Series work platform provides overhead access for maintenance tasks across all industries. From airplanes to automobiles, this platform will get you within the closest proximity to your maintenance project. The 6 square foot work platform stretches 2’5” beyond the base of the chassis, eliminating the need to lean on the equipment being served. Full size powder coated handrails surround the entire work platform, adhering to OSHA’s health standards. Despite the unit’s substantial height, its lightweight aluminum build maintains effortless single-user mobility.






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Designed for Work, Built for Safety
RollaStep® rolling stairs and mobile work platforms vary based on your application. They’re easily customized for added operational efficiency in manufacturing plants or improved workplace safety in aviation maintenance. Four pre-engineered industrial models minimize physical exertion and risk of injury. Workers gain safe access and fall protection plus greater productivity. If your elevated workspace is more complex, let us fabricate custom mobile platforms and stairs. All RollaStep mobile stairs and platforms are easy to maneuver and sturdy to help you get the job done easier, faster and safer. Contact us today for a free safety and efficiency audit.